4 Mar 2013

#I4Ed Presentations=Awesome!

This past week I had the pleasure of listening to a number of great presentations in my Internet for Educators class at university. The topics covered include: Cyberbullying, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Internet, BYOD, How NOT to Steal From the Internet, and Internet Filtering. I really liked that there was a variety of tools used to present the material. I liked each one (Glogster, Today'sMeet, Wikispaces, WallWisher, and Poll Everywhere). I think our instructor was quite proud of everyone!
I found the presentations all informative and it was really interesting to see the various opinions expressed in each group. For instance, in the presentation about the internet (Good, Bad, and Ugly) there were dissenting opinions on Wikipedia. One person said they would shy away from using it, while another said that it can be useful when used in conjunction with other sources. I tend to agree with the latter opinion. I've used Wikipedia as a quick reference guide or to point me in the right direction for more reliable sources of information. I think it can be a valuable resource in the classroom as long as students don't rely solely on the information found there.
I was really impressed with the cyberbullying video as well. It was funny, but highlighted some very important points about bullying in general. The BYOD presentation was very well researched and they used a lot of visuals. The Internet Filtering presentation brought on an interesting online discussion about what, if anything, should be blocked. I know I found it frustrating that YouTube videos were blocked in my first placement! 
I encourage you to explore the various presentations (most of them linked) and consider your own opinions on these topics. 

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